45 Horsehill Road, Suite 105C, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

HOURS:      M-F: 5am-10pm       Sat & Sun: 7:30-4pm

Our coaches are the definition of Out of the Box! On top of their CrossFit training, each coach holds other certifications that bring their coaching to the next level. From Opex Assessment, Program Design and more, to NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization and Performance Enhancement, to Certified Strength & Conditioning Specalists, each coach brings their own special sauce to class. Make sure you try out each coach, It'll make you a more well rounded athlete!

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We require that all members participating in CrossFit have at least 1-year experience practicing CrossFit in order to forego our "Foundations" class. 

Foundations is designed with your safety in mind. It consists of 8 classes that will review the movements that are the "FOUNDATIONS" of CrossFit to ensure that you will be safe during class. 

Don't let this scare you! Get excited! The complex barbell and gymnastics movements are empowering, and the beauty of CrossFit is that EVERYTHING is scale-able, meaning, everything can be modified and simplified based on your abilities.

That is why Foundations is essential to start your CrossFit journey. The coaches will teach you all the movements you need to know for class, and chances are, you've heard of, seen, and maybe even performed some of these on your own! Foundations gives the coaches an opportunity to understand YOU on a personal level and establish your fitness baseline. This will lead to more specific coaching during class, significant reduction in injury risk, and most importantly, goal establishment for you!

Foundations will consist of a movement review, practice & coaching, followed by a mini WOD so that you can integrate what you've just learned into a workout. Don't worry, you'll be sweating and sore after these classes too!