Personal Training

Our well rounded and knowledgeable coaches & trainers hold many certifications that will make you move better and achieve your fitness goals! 

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classes we offer

Your class membership includes OTB HIIT, CrossFit, & Foundations!

Our other classes - CrossFit Kids, CrossFit SHE, Peak Performance - can be purchased as class packages or separate memberships!


Fast paced class where you're moving the entire hour! Challenge your fitness with varying body weight and weighted movements to make you the best version of yourself!

Crossfit kids

Early introduction to functional movement in a FUN environment focusing on proper movement, teamwork, and confidence building in order to help lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. 


Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at a High Intensity. Follows a "Workout of the Day" that only repeats itself on testing days and benchmark workouts!

Crossfit she

Strengthen Her Empowerment!

Empower adolescent girls through the idea that "strong is beautiful", and to arm them with the strategies and experiences that help them reach their full potential.


Learn how to perform the more complex movements involved in class in a smaller, more personalized class! This is for newbies trying to learn the movements and veterans trying to perfect their movement!

peak performance

Strength & Conditioning for athletes through a proven, individualized performance enhancement structure so each athlete can progress to their desired goals on and off the field.


Peak Performance Training

Inspiring athletes with knowledge to build confidence and improve performance.

To enhance and optimize the performance of athletes with individualized training, measured progress, and a focus on sustainability in a competitive yet enjoyable environment.



We have a 4,000sqft Turf area that you can rent for your in or off season needs!!

  • Team, small group, or individual

  • Full or half turf rental options

  • Have a work/friends league, but just need space?!

Call us for rental details, but hurry,

it fills fast!

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Running club

tbrc final (1).png


L E A V E   Y O U R   T R A I L

TBRC is a running club hosted by OTB Athletics for runners of all levels in Morris County!

Many seminars and group runs will begin at OTB Athletics, but we will be looking to explore trails and parks within Morris County to keep things exciting!


What you can expect:

  • A fun and determined community for runners who are looking for the motivation to get out and crush their running goals

  • A new approach to running plans by offering different training techniques and services

  • A place to learn more about running through various guest seminars​

Together, let’s work towards accomplishing your biggest running goals! 


out of the box

physical therapy

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy offers in house services tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Specializing in correcting movement dysfunctions in athletes, OTB PT is your go to place to advance your athletic abilities while preventing injury.


Click "Find Out More" below and learn more about Hanna and her passion to Help Others, Always.


life redesign

Copy of Copy of Chrissy (1).png


"Don't resign to your life by default, redesign your life to what's possible"

Our Life Redesign Coach, Chrissy Papetti, offers in-house and virtual coaching services using a fusion of methods that are research-backed, client-centered, and proven to ignite holistic transformation.


Life Redesign coaching is all-inclusive, transforming your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness by giving you all of the tools to redirect the trajectory of your own health, well-being, and life. Coaching with Chrissy is a collaborative, highly individualized process centering around self-discovery, self-care, and self-fulfillment.


Nothing is off limits when it comes to redesigning the life you want. It’s time to overcome your current life’s challenges to not only preserve, but elevate your potential.


Click below to “find out more” and learn about Chrissy’s story and her mission to serve others through her one-of-a-kind, Life Redesign coaching.

45 Horsehill Road, Suite 105C, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927